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Friday Law Link Roundup

-- How do you best a patent troll? Get all your richest friends together and buy up all the bridges. [via Legal Pad]

-- So the Sotomayor confirmation hearings weren't exactly a summer thrill ride, but C-SPAN, believe it or not, does have more exciting fare. Had the senators followed a format more like Prime Minister's Questions -- in which members of parliament publicly harangue the prime minister for half an hour each week -- they might actually have learned a few things. Now the Brits are planning to open their new Supreme Court to the cameras, too.  Any chance our Nine might follow suit? [via The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times]

-- Florida's economy is looking a little flaccid these days -- the Sunshine State could definitely use a growth industry. Peninsular plaintiffs lawyers are looking at "chinese drywall" like its the new termites. [via May It Please the Court]

-- The Dallas office of Fish & Richardson brings us Exhibit D (Big D?) in the growing catalog of evidence why Texas lawyers are just a little bit louder than everyone else: The "Harpdrygal." [via Tex Parte]

-- "Torture memo" lawyer and UC Berkeley law professor John Yoo hired former Bush-nominee for the D.C. Circuit Miguel Estrada to represent him (on the government's dime) in his appeal against a former detainee's suit. Based on his op-ed in the Wall Street Journal this week, it sounds like he'll need the help. [via]

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