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Questioning Morehouse's Commitment to Fabulousness

The Faculty Lounge blog brings us news from Morehouse College, a private, historically black liberal arts college for men that, after over 140 years in existence, has deemed it necessary to impose an unusual dress code: a ban on the "wearing of women's clothes, makeup, high heels and purses."


As discussed in this CNN article, the "no dress-wearing" ban is part of a larger "Appropriate Attire Policy" that Morehouse implemented this week. It also bans wearing hats in buildings, pajamas in public, do-rags, sagging pants, sunglasses in class and walking barefoot on campus.

The "no dresses" part of the code is said to be directed at five students at the school who "are living a gay lifestyle that is leading them to dress a way we do not expect in Morehouse men," said Dr. William Bynum, Morehouse's vice president for Student Services. Dr. Bynum added that the Morehouse campus' gay organization was overwhelmingly supportive of the ban, with only three of 27 people voting against it. Those breaking the policy will not be allowed to go to class unless they change clothes.

As summed up by Reason's Tim Cavanaugh, “Morehouse is a private school, and it goes without saying that there are countless other colleges for men with a real commitment to fabulousness.”

Posted by Bruce Carton on October 22, 2009 at 02:07 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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