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A Musical Motion to Show Claus


One sure sign of the holidays is the arrival of the latest holiday humor album from lawyer Lawrence Savell. The lawyer, musician and humorist -- not necessarily in that order -- just released his latest compilation of legally themed holiday songs, "Season's Briefings from the LawTunes." It joins the musically prodigious lawyer's earlier collections of holiday recordings, "The Lawyer's Holiday Humor Album," "Legal Holidaze" and "Merry Lexmas from the LawTunes," and his rock 'n' roll album, "The LawTunes: Live at Blackacre."

This year's album differs in tone from his prior recordings, "a reflection of the circumstances over the past two years that have affected everyone, and our profession in particular," Savell tells me in an e-mail. The songs are less peppy and more introspective, while still providing a humorous diversion, he says.

On the album's introspective side is the song, "Headin' Home On A Holiday Night," in which a weary lawyer boards a late-night flight.

Long ago when I started out
I thought i knew what it was all about
but what i did not appreciate
was all the sacrifices that we'd make
the time apart, the moments lost
were the rewards worth the cost?

Even the peppier songs on the album are tinged with cynicism, it seems. Take, for example, the song, "De Novo Dreidel," about a lawyer wishing for a second chance at a trial:

De novo dreidel give me a new spin
maybe this time I'll finally win.
Take me back to when I recall,
give me one more swing at that ball.
De novo dreidel turn it around,
so what was lost can now be found.
De novo dreidel let me do it right,
let me give that apple another bite.

Other songs on the album include "Season's Briefings," "Was That You I Saw in Santa's Suit?," "All Nighter" and "There's No Billin' on Christmas."

Savell, counsel to Chadbourne & Parke in New York City, writes and records the songs himself in a home studio. You can buy his latest CD and any of his earlier recordings through his LawTunes Web site. Each is $14.95 plus shipping, or you can buy the boxed set of all five Savell CDs for $64.95.

And while you're visiting Savell's site, be sure to take a moment to listen to The Lawyer2Lawyer Song, which he composed for the legal-affairs podcast I co-host with J. Craig Williams, Lawyer2Lawyer.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on November 30, 2009 at 09:35 AM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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