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The 'Real-Time Web' Is Upon Us

In October, I wrote here that the "real-time Web" was almost upon us. As defined by patent attorney Brett Trout in this post on his BlawgIT blog, the real-time Web incorporates tools such as Twitter to enable lawyers (and the rest of the world) to obtain instantaneous access to information about something that just happened, or about something that is constantly changing.

Trout explained in October how he had jerry-rigged his Internet browser to integrate real-time Web information by installing the Greasemonkey plug-in and the AutoPagerize script in Firefox. As a result, he said, when he performed searches with Google it also automatically pulled up the five most recent "tweets" that contained the search terms.

That MacGyver-like method probably helped the two or three of you out there who were able to duplicate Trout's efforts, but wasn't much help to the rest of us. As Kevin O'Keefe explains today on Real Lawyers Have Blogs, however, that has now changed forever.

O'Keefe notes in a post today that "Real time search came to Google yesterday. Twitter results are now streamed into the top of search results pages so that you can see what people are saying about the subject searched in real time." O'Keefe says that this is potentially quite useful to attorneys:

Imagine being able to get lawyers' and business peoples' reactions to cases, news, and legal stories in real time. Doing so you may be able to find the people with the most knowledge on the subject. Want to get real time information on items being discussed at a conference and who's discussing them? Turn to real time search at Twitter.

O'Keefe adds several screen shots explaining how to easily get Twitter search results to display on Google, as well as the helpful video below on the subject. So try out the real-time Web on Google and see if it helps you obtain useful information.

Posted by Bruce Carton on December 9, 2009 at 12:29 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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