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Don't Send This Salami to Your Boy in the Army

The list of lawsuits being filed in the wake of a massive cured meats recall continues to get longer thanks to Marler Clark, a seven-lawyer Seattle firm dedicated exclusively to the niche practice of food poisoning law. The firm's managing partner, Bill Marler, has achieved undisputed media darling status over the years, appearing frequently on CNN and in the editorial pages, becoming part of the regular rotation on the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, and, yes, even getting a little face time here on Legal Blog Watch.

Marler and the firm make for a good story, though probably one you wouldn't want to discuss in detail at the dinner table. Marler's blog, not to be confused with his firm's Food Poison Journal -- "Dear Diary: Today I made some real progress with the green beans. If all goes well, I'm thinking I can get up in that can by the weekend. Keeping my spores crossed! Love, Botulism" -- is a real wealth of information, and opinion, about food-related issues. It's nice to see an attorney who has successfully built a career around issues he so clearly is passionate about.

The firm's work is likely to have some unintended benefits as well. Think of all the singles who, after reading that "Six other E. Coli's Could Be Lurking in [Their] Valentine Day's [sic] Dinner," will feel a lot better about not having plans for Sunday night. After all, who wants to be the next guy named in a law firm press release about "explosive bouts of diarrhea?"

Posted by Eric Lipman on February 12, 2010 at 01:35 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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