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Married to a 1L? Oh, Honey, You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

LSW Meet "Law School Wife." Since before classes started last August, she's been doing young ladies the world over a favor, and letting them know how trying and emotionally draining it can be to be married to a first-year law student. Uh, does somebody want to tell her that, if all goes according to plan, she will, in a matter of years, find herself married to an actual lawyer?

It's a marginally interesting read, though I could have lived without the detailed view of her endometrial polyps. And, for a blog that was supposed to be anonymous, there sure are a lot of pictures, some of which are even a bit naughty.  (OK, I must give LSW credit for realizing last month that anonymity has essentially gone out the window.) As the blog has continued over the course of the academic year, it seems to have gone off on a few tangents, and become less and less about the law school-related aspects of LSW's life, but, man, can you blame her?

I'll be adding LSW to my ever-growing list of blogs to check out at least every once-in-a-while. Hoping she'll keep us posted on her husband's firm recruiting adventures, and other law-related hilarity. And on a personal note, LSW, since you've outed yourself as an Austinite, if you get really lonely during finals ... Kidding. Have a great weekend everyone.

Posted by Eric Lipman on February 19, 2010 at 03:00 PM | Permalink | Comments (6)


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