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Three Angry Lawyers: Greenfield, Bennett and Tannebaum Sound Off

Last week, Scott Greenfield wrote on his Simple Justice blog about a panel discussion that almost occurred at the Avvocating conference, put on by lawyer listings site Avvo, but never did. Greenfield said the panel, which was to be comprised of Mark Bennett, Brian Tannebaum, Jonathan Stein and himself, was called "4 Angry Lawyers" and it was going to "expose the ugly, unethical and immoral underbelly of online marketing and social media." Specifically, these four were slated to "sound off on misinformed SEO consultants, astroturfing, blog aggregators, Twitter abusers, vendors who overcharge for blogs and more."

Greenfield said the panel never happened, however, because Avvo wouldn't pay to fly the four of them to Seattle, "and there was no chance we were paying our own way." So the idea died. Until now.

This proposed panel discussion seemed interesting to me, so I rounded up as many of the Angry Lawyers as I could for an online version of the panel. I was able to get three of the four -- Greenfield, Bennett and Tannebaum -- to meet up online today, and carry on the conversation they didn't have in Seattle. You can watch and listen to our discussion in the video below:

Posted by Bruce Carton on February 11, 2010 at 04:52 PM | Permalink | Comments (7)


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