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Should I Scrap My Law Blog and Start a New One?

Delete Throughout more of the blogosphere than you might expect, a question appears to be percolating: Should I shut down my current blog, make a clean break, and start anew with another? Well-known bloggers such as Bob Ambrogi are asking that question. So is Venkat Balasubramani. And so is Ron Coleman.

Why the urge to purge? Ambrogi says he started his LawSites blog back in 2002 as an adjunct to his book, The Essential Guide to the Best (and Worst) Legal Sites on the Web. As his blogging interests have broadened through the years to things like media law and technology law, however, he feels that "the name LawSites no longer reflects what I want my blog to be."

Similarly, Balasubramani has been blogging at Spam Notes for about 3-and-a-half years on spam-related legal issues. His interests and his law practice have broadened well beyond the spam arena, and he, too, is wrestling with the question of whether to scrap Spam Notes and launch a new blog. In this post Balasubramani lays out in detail some of the pros (branding; chance to move to a better platform; fresh start with no baggage) and cons (loss of "google juice;" loss of subscribers/regular readers during the transition) of scrapping his current blog.

In response, Kevin O'Keefe of LexBlog offers the following advice to people wrestling with this question: "Keep the blog, make it your leading Internet presence (web site would add zero), change your focus so not so lawyer to lawyer (listen to and engage others), and upgrade to another platform."

Kevin says the importance of the actual name of the blog is "overhyped." He suspects 90 percent of the readers of his popular blog wouldn't even know the blog's name (which happens to be "Real Lawyers Have Blogs"). Rather, he says, his name is his brand, "not the name of my blog. That's the case for any professional - especially lawyers."

Posted by Bruce Carton on March 18, 2010 at 01:00 PM | Permalink | Comments (4)


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