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Anti-Law School Blogs Seek to Keep Others from Making 'Same Mistake We Did'

It has taken me a while to realize the scope of this, but I now see that there is a good-sized army of young lawyers who have taken to the blogosphere with a common mission: to alert any wannabe lawyers out there to the futility of such a decision. As the Big Debt, Small Law blog puts it, it is the beginning of a "quiet rebellion:"

We prefer not be crammed elbow to elbow in document review gulags for less money than an ex-con gets paid to stamp holes in sheet metal. We prefer not to run around toilet courts and haggle over $500 whiplash cases for 45 K a year and no health benefits. Our sole purpose is to dissuade, deter and prevent more hapless lemmings from repeating the mistake of law school. Law has no rewards. Instead of pots of gold, you'll find only piles of sh*t.

Nolawyers BDSL is hardly alone in this. Exposing the Law School Scam states a similar mission: to expose the "dramatic oversupply of lawyers, and how that oversupply has been caused by bogus employment and income/salary statistics used by most law schools to induce applicants to apply to law school." A typical post this week on ELSS noted that while employers are running ads on Craigslist offering plumbers $50 just to go interview, "job ads for lawyers want you to work for free" or perhaps $10 per hour. "Lawyering is not where the demand is," ELSS advises. "We are trying to help you, to keep you from making the same mistake we did."

Some other members of the growing "scamblogger" coalition, which seeks to deter you from going to law school:

Posted by Bruce Carton on March 26, 2010 at 12:31 PM | Permalink | Comments (40)


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