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Bitter Lawyer Talks to WSJ Law Blog's Ashby Jones

Ashby-Jones-colhed I'm a regular reader of the works of Ashby Jones, the head writer at the The Wall Street Journal Law Blog, and was pleased to see a nice profile of him on Bitter Lawyer last week. It also struck me that I could achieve a historic level of "legal blog navel gazing" if I could have Legal Blog Watch write about Bitter Lawyer writing about the Law Blog's Jones, and that was an opportunity I could not pass up.

In an interview published last Thursday, Bitter Lawyer provided some interesting details on Jones, who has been at the helm of the Law Blog for just over a year. Some of the highlights:

Jones attended University of Michigan law school and, after clerking for a nonagenarian judge on the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, went to work for BigLaw's Perkins Coie in Seattle. He practiced there for two years as a litigator, but after living through many awful document reviews he realized he wasn't enjoying himself and began looking for other alternatives. He decided to try journalism, and found a job at a small legal paper in Seattle. After a year at the paper, Jones was able to land a job in New York working at The American Lawyer in 2000.

Jones joined the WSJ in 2005, and was slated to edit a new online section devoted to law. Initially, he edited the Law Blog's original writer, Peter Lattman, and also wrote for the paper and for the Law Blog. In 2009, Jones took over as lead writer of the Law Blog.

His typical day will sound familiar to active law bloggers. He gets up early to scour news and identify fodder for the blog, then cranks out posts over the course of the morning. He finds it both exhilarating and exhausting, and says he is incredibly busy day-to-day. Jones says the jobs of lawyer and blog editor have their own pressures, but he particularly enjoys that when he goes home now, he doesn't have "stuff hanging over me and can wake up starting anew."

Read the entire Bitter Lawyer interview with Ashby Jones here.

Posted by Bruce Carton on March 30, 2010 at 03:23 PM | Permalink | Comments (3)


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