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Lawyers: Clear Your Calendars and Your Chambers

If you, like me, need a few dozen CLE credits in the next couple of months, pack your bags ... and your heat. We're going to Charlotte, N.C., for the 13th Annual National Firearms Law Seminar! The event is sponsored by the NRA Foundation, and is just one part of the festivities occurring around the NRA's annual meeting. Luckily, the air gun range is open all weekend.

The 2nd Amendment is big news of late, what with the Supreme Court hearing argument in McDonald v. Chicago last week (transcript available here (PDF)). So maybe some attorneys who wouldn't normally be inclined to attend such an event, even for the valuable credits, might just show up to see "Congressman Bob Barr, Esq.'s" keynote speech about international arms control treaties.

In fairness, the slate of featured speakers includes some jack-booted thugs government lawyers as well. An FBI lawyer will be presenting on background checks, and a lawyer from the ATF will discuss the National Firearms Act. Speaking of which, if you're one of the first 150 lawyers to sign up for the program, you get a $150 credit toward the establishment of an NFA gun trust with THE Gun Trust Lawyer, David M. Goldman (who, for avoidance of doubt, is not the same guy as the Dr. David Goldman, Esq., M.D. who will be presenting on why veterans should be concerned about increasing mental health restrictions on gun ownership).

Posted by Eric Lipman on March 9, 2010 at 10:07 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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