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New Blog Focuses on Contract Standards and Drafting Automation

It's an honor to welcome to the blogosphere the Contract Analysis and Contract Standards blog.

One week and three posts into its existence, the blog, authored by Kingsley Martin, president of kiiac LLC, has gathered some good information, and raised some interesting questions, bearing on the prospects of lawyers using technology to automate drafting of contracts and other documents.

Not surprisingly, Martin's company (pronounced "kayak") would love for you to buy its software to help your firm do just that. And in an extensive Q&A at the Adams Drafting blog, Martin goes into great detail about how his software works.

But the blog itself, so far, seems to be a bit more than shameless self-promotion, actually getting into some discussion about how to define what are "market" or "standard" provisions or terms in agreements, and the benefits of "hierarchical modularity" in building and maintaining repositories of templates.

It's not the only blog focused on document assembly issues (and not the only one run by someone who'd like to sell you something) -- see, for instance, Bashablog and the Exari blog -- but based on very early returns, it appears as though Martin will attempt to contribute legitimate thoughts on the issues, rather than merely run a continuous advertisement for his company. For that, he earns my respect and my commitment to stop by every once in a while to check it out.

And, as my father would say, that and $2.25 will get you on the subway.

Posted by Eric Lipman on March 31, 2010 at 03:45 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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