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Robo-Warranty Call Culprits Now Feeling the Pain from FTC

I am greatly enjoying watching the government and private attorneys rain down on some of the companies that have personally crossed my path with their obnoxious ways. Check!  Annoying-as-hell company that kept calling my cell phone a couple years ago to tell me that "The factory warranty on your car expires soon! We can help!"? Check!!

Donotcall According to this post on the Law and Disorder blog, these "warranty" callers misrepresented that they were affiliated with car companies or local dealers and that they were offering legitimate extended warranty products. They also reportedly ignored the "Do Not Call" laws and dialed "just about everyone in the country -- over and over -- including 911 operators." Some warranty robo-dialers supposedly just started with the phone number 111-111-1111, went up by one number each call until they hit 999-999-9999, and then started over!

In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission brought numerous cases in this area, which are now starting to reach conclusions. This week, the FTC settled a case against James Dunne, head of a company called Voice Touch Inc. that connected telemarketing companies with the actual dialing companies that marketed these "warranties" to people. To make a long story short, Dunne's second home in Florida, a Lexus sedan and a Porsche 911 are all being liquidated now, and he has agreed to pay back the proceeds from these sales, plus $655,000. Law and Disorder reports that Dunne also agreed to be barred from working in telemarketing and to assist the FTC in its ongoing case against other companies and individuals.

Posted by Bruce Carton on March 26, 2010 at 02:01 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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