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Overlawyered linked today to a site called And it's amusing. So I sure hope that Overlawyered's determination that it must be nothing more than parody/satire is correct.

The premise is the flip side of the argument for a single-payer health care system. The article (PDF) linked to on the front page of the site, written by a Matthew S. Rice, M.D., and apparently published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, makes clear that the concept is: A little bit of "turnabout is fair play":

With attorney-legislators scrutinizing and planning the reform of medicine and the health insurance industry, it is only fitting that physicians apply the most current progressive healthcare reform principles to the legal profession.

The folks at singlepayerlegal do seem to have spent a fair amount of time and energy on this site though. They've set up a petition to Congress, calling for, among other things, the proposed legal system to be one "in which all attorneys are salaried, and are required to provide legal services to all-comers, regardless of income or disparity-group status, at fair and stable reimbursement rates determined by a Department of Legal Services (DLS)." I am willing to bet that the $1,000/hour rate would appear nowhere on such a reimbursement schedule. Though I like the sound of "catastrophic felony protection."

Reading through the site is entertaining, perhaps with the exception of the descriptions of the "victims" of the current legal system (wrongly convicted criminal defendants; there is even a link to the Innocence Project site). The overwhelming theme: Keep the lawyers and politicians out of our healthcare system. Not bloody likely.

But, if you really dig what you read, you can show your support for the organization by buying a bumper sticker.

Posted by Eric Lipman on March 17, 2010 at 02:42 PM | Permalink | Comments (4)


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