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Video: Carolyn Elefant on the Impact of Blogs on Solo and Small Firm Lawyers

Back in December, I helped mark the 7th birthday of the My Shingle blog with this video interview of its founder (and Legal Blog Watch alumna), Carolyn Elefant. In it, Carolyn reflected on her relatively long tenure in the legal blogosphere and the many things she has learned along the way.

This week, Carolyn published this post with a video from a related presentation she delivered in December as part of Northwestern Law's Fourth Annual Judicial Symposium on Civil Justice Issues, where she appeared alongside bloggers Mark Herrmann and Eugene Volokh.

Carolyn's remarks in the video focus on the impact blogging has had in the world of solo and small firm practitioners, an area that she says was under the radar of most legal media when she started out. She comments on some of the trends she's seeing in this area, and the role that blogging can play in improving the quality of legal services that solo and small firm lawyers provide to clients. Check out the video below:

Posted by Bruce Carton on March 24, 2010 at 02:20 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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