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Turkewitz White House Law Blogger Announcement Has Legs Despite Mediocre Use of Photoshop

Yesterday, Eric Turkewitz, whose New York Personal Injury Blog is part of the Blog Network, made a pretty huge announcement. Namely, that he had been tapped as the first official White House law blogger.

The "news" spread like wildfire. It was "picked up" by, among others, Above the Law and The New York Times. The Volokh Conspiracy even purported to have confirmed the appointment through its own sources. Scott Greenfield at Simple Justice put up a post in which he admitted to being jealous, and had some pretty harsh words to say about Turkewitz (and I thought he hated me best!). Popehat had a nice rant too.

Then, the WSJ Law Blog, with direct attribution to a White House spokesman who refuted the story, declared the announcement an April Fools' Joke. And the Times removed its initial reference to the news from its City Room Blog, where it had appeared, with a note that "[b]logospheric chatter" (is there an ointment for that?) indicated that the Gray Lady had indeed been punked.

But, it was still April 1. Sooooooo, Turkewitz posted a denial of the denial. Seriously? I won't even attempt to catalog all of the blog backing and forthing about this story, but I will show you the following.

Photo of Turkewitz from his "30 second meeting with Obama during the interview process," as included with his initial post about the appointment:

And this photo, of the President with George Mitchell, Special Middle East Peace Envoy, available here on the State Department Web site:

So, congratulations to Turkewitz on an April Fools' joke that was pretty well executed despite a clue as to the made-up nature of the story that should have been easy enough to run down. As today progresses, it should be fun to find out who was in on the joke, and who was suckered.

Posted by Eric Lipman on April 2, 2010 at 01:21 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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