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Friday's Three Burning Legal Questions

Here are today's three burning legal questions, along with the answers provided by the blogosphere.

1) Question: I just got my Ph.D. in biochemistry. Do you think I can get "BIOCH" as my vanity license plate?

Answer: Don't even bother trying. That's been banned as profane. (Consumerist, New Jersey Says Your "BIOCH" License Plate Is Not Allowed)

2) Question:  I am a 72-year-old woman and I'm late to a crucial salon appointment. Is it OK if I speed up just a bit here to make up time?

Answer: Understood, but 102 mph is too fast, ma'am. (Turley, Bad Hair Day: Woman Arrested After Driving 102 MPH To Salon Appointment)  

3) Question: It sure is quiet on this plane. Too quiet. How long am I supposed to wait, anyway? Umm, is anyone here? Hello?

Answer: Please just stay put for a few minutes. The maintenance crew will be in shortly. Sometimes the flight attendants tell blind passengers to remain seated until everyone else gets off the plane, but then forget about them. You might get a $250 voucher out of it for your troubles. (CBC, Blind woman abandoned on airplane)

Posted by Bruce Carton on May 21, 2010 at 01:05 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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