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Live From Toledo: Foreclosed Homeowner Seals Himself Inside Home and Vows to Stay

Things are starting to get a little chippy in Toledo, Ohio, where Keith Sadler has "sealed himself" inside his foreclosed upon house and says he's not leaving.

Sadlerhome The Toledo Blade reports (via Consumerist) that Sadler had agreed to vacate the house by midnight on Monday, but had a change of heart. Instead, he has founded something called the Toledo Foreclosure Defense League and has "sealed himself" inside his home -- what does "sealing" even mean, Toledo Blade? Can we get some more details or a better photo? -- with only a cell phone and a golf ball-sized hole in the front window to enable communication.

Sadler believes that banks should be required to agree to "the Obama plan," which is "based on a percentage of income you make and the bank has to work out an interest rate that allows you to make payments." Now, the Blade reports, "members of like-minded organizations" are camped out in Sadler's yard carrying signs saying things like, "Bail out people not banks."

Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn said he tried to give Sadler all the time he needed to move out of the house peacefully, but "he is obviously still in the house, so we at some point will go there and take possession." For now, the sheriff says, he does not intend to arrest Sadler unless he gives them trouble (which seems pretty unlikely to occur via cell phone or through a golf ball-sized hole in a window).

Want to watch Sadler and his buddies live from inside the house? The whole situation is being broadcast live on uStream:

Free live streaming by Ustream

Posted by Bruce Carton on May 5, 2010 at 11:03 AM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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