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Losing Sister Decides Life's Too Short to Continue Lottery Dispute

Sisters Back in March, we brought you the story of Rose Bakaysa and Theresa Sokaitis, the two elderly Connecticut sisters who were fighting it out in court over whether an agreement between them to split all gambling winnings was still in effect at the time Bakaysa won part of a $500,000 jackpot playing Powerball in 2005.

Last week, a judge ruled that the contract was not in effect, having been rescinded in 2004 during an argument between the sisters, and that Bakaysa thus did not have to cut Sokaitis in on any part of the proceeds. This morning, it's being reported that Sokaitis, after consulting with her attorney, has decided not to appeal the ruling. 

Here's hoping that the sisters decide to take it upon themselves to do what Judge Cynthia Swienton lamented the court could not:

"There is something in this tragedy that touches most people," New Britain Superior Court Judge Cynthia Swienton wrote in her decision. "While the court may be able to resolve the legal dispute, it is powerless to repair the discord and strife that now overshadows the once harmonious sisterly relationship."

Posted by Eric Lipman on May 18, 2010 at 11:45 AM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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