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Sonnenschein and Denton Wilde Use 'Microsite' to Roll Out Merger

On the Slaw blog, Steven Matthews observes in this post that the cross-Atlantic merger between U.S. law firm Sonnenschein and U.K.-based Denton Wilde Sapte was announced and rolled out by the firms through an interesting technique: the use of a dedicated "microsite" (

Matthews writes that rather than bury the information on internal pages on their respective Web sites, or trying from Day 1 of the combination to roll out a new, combined site that referenced the merger, the firms took the approach of creating a microsite with the singular purpose of discussing the combination. Matthews likes the strategy, which he compares to the dedicated sites that the film industry use when it launches a new movie, and notes that the microsite

aggregates everything associated. It's faster to obtain an overview of the new operation, easier to convey the location of this information to others (a domain name -vs- a subpage on the firm websites); and from a design perspective, allows for a simplified navigation. And in terms of change management and internal politics, I see a lot of value to using a single combined website.

The microsite includes an overview of the combination, frequently asked questions, and the video below of firm leaders discussing its significance (click on the image to access the video).


Posted by Bruce Carton on May 28, 2010 at 12:31 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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