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Twitter Lessons 'For and From the AmLaw 100'

I have read many posts about "Twitter for Lawyers" over the past 12 months or so, but a new one from myCorporateResource is the best and most informative I've seen. Entitled "Twittering Classes: Lessons For and From the AmLaw 100," the article takes a detailed look at the state of Twitter-usage among big firms (see The American Lawyer's Am Law 100 2010 list) and offers sophisticated advice on what firms should and should not be doing. (via Above the Law).

First, the article offers some current data on Twitter usage among big law firms. It states that currently, just 29 of the Am Law 100 actively use Twitter. Of those 29, three are in the top 10, 13 are in the top 50, and 16 are in the next 50. Not one of the 18 traditional "white shoe" law firms use Twitter.

In addition, of the 29 Am Law 100 firms on Twitter,

  • Only nine do soon a timely basis ("cardinal sin number 1").
  • Only two have more than one Twitter feed ("cardinal sin number 2," as Twitter "can provide a law firm with a highly tailored, self-selected audience").
  • Only 12 have "branded" their Twitter page, leaving it in the same generic format it came in. As the article notes, "law firms spend $100,000s on consultants to choose the right shade of mauve for their hallways. Why leave Twitter’s sky blue, cloud background when you can brand your page in minutes. Why is your firm’s name in lower case? Why didn't you use the 'bio' space?"
  • Only seven cross-refer from their Web site to Twitter.

The article then dives into a series of detailed best practices that law firms should consider on Twitter, and offers examples of law firms on Twitter that are doing certain things well. For a change, an article on lawyers and Twitter goes well beyond the "101" stage -- I recommend this to big law firms looking for guidance in this area.

Yeager2 On top of everything else, the article wisely suggests that lawyers entering this area follow leaders such as LBW alumnus Bob Ambrogi, who the article describes as "law’s Chuck Yeager, pushing the ether envelope and reporting back on the new frontiers." Bob, I think you just got a great new tagline!

Posted by Bruce Carton on May 21, 2010 at 02:01 PM | Permalink | Comments (7)


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