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Axiom: A Personal Approach to the Law Firm Website

Law firms -- particularly big law firms -- tend to be conservative with their websites. Although listing all of a firm's lawyers on the site and providing their bios is now pretty standard, these listings tend to be limited to name, rank and serial number, usually accompanied by a conservative photo (or no photo at all in some cases, like at Wachtell Lipton).

Axiom describes itself as "an entirely new kind of firm inspired by a big idea: to be the first real alternative to the traditional law firm." It hires lawyers to perform specific assignments for clients, and claims to seek out "attorneys who are passionate about interests outside the legal world and want to have time for those other pursuits."

Its alternative nature undoubtedly makes it easier for Axiom to break the mold when it comes to its own website, but law firms interested in something out of the ordinary for their sites should check out what Axiom is doing. (via Lawyerist). Visitors to the site are immediately presented with huge, day-in-the-life photos of Axiom lawyers doing things like gardening, having breakfast with their families or dancing.


When you click through to the lawyer's "profile," you see more casual photos of them, say, in the garden, information about their favorite chair in the garden, what they like to grow and so on. The profile moves on to professional information, as well, but it is certainly the most "personal" information I've seen offered by any law firm website.

Posted by Bruce Carton on June 4, 2010 at 01:09 PM | Permalink | Comments (11)


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