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The '12 Most Bizarre Comedian Lawsuits' is not usually on my list of LBW sources, but maybe I've been selling it short? Earlier this week on, Josh Spector offered up his suggestions for The 12 Most Bizarre Comedian Lawsuits ever filed. Here are some of my favorites from his list:


10. An Israeli Comedian Sues Borat: In 2007, Israeli comedian Dovale Glickman sued Sacha Baron Cohen claiming that Cohen’s Borat character stole his catchphrase, which is:“Wa wa wee wa.”

7. Carol Burnett Sues 'Family Guy': Carol Burnett sued the "Family Guy" television show for copyright infringement after it portrayed her as "just another janitor in an adult film store." The lawsuit was eventually thrown out of court.

3. Dane Cook Sues His Half-Brother: Dane Cook sued his half-brother/manager for allegedly stealing about $11 million of Cook's cash.

1. Sunda Croonquist Is Sued by Her Mother-In-Law: In what Spector considers "the most bizarre comedian lawsuit of all time," comic Sunda Croonquist was sued by her own mother-in-law, who did not like the jokes Sunda was telling about her.

Read the full list of The 12 Most Bizarre Comedian Lawsuits.

Posted by Bruce Carton on June 24, 2010 at 12:48 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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