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Lawyer Disbarred After Racking Up 55 Misconduct Allegations

Disbar Making a name for yourself in the legal community is undoubtedly hard. But Scott H. Fisher, a (former) attorney in Menasha, Wis., seems to have distinguished himself in the two-plus years he practiced bankruptcy law.

Via Lowering the Bar and the Legal Profession Blog, comes the story of Mr. Fisher, admitted to practice in Wisconsin in 2006. The 55 counts of misconduct arise out of Fisher's "representation" of 10 different clients, and his alleged naughtiness appears to follow a pattern, according to the Wisconsin Supreme Court opinion giving him the boot:

  1. Agree to represent the client in a bankruptcy action;
  2. Take some money from the client;
  3. Stop returning phone calls, disappear, and keep the money.

It seems Fisher went off the grid circa October 2008. The court opinion notes that Fisher left a "journal" in his office, in which he expressed his intent to "essentially abandon[] his life as he knew it." Attempts by law enforcement officials and the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation to contact him have been unsuccessful.

Rumor has it he fled the country, but I picture him living in a burned-out bus in Alaska, "Into the Wild"-style, meticulously recording in 6-minute increments the hours spent hallucinating and starving to death.

Posted by Eric Lipman on June 9, 2010 at 11:30 AM | Permalink | Comments (6)


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