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Sex Tape Law Blog: A Nonexistent Blog That Needs an Author

Gather 'round, wannabe law bloggers, because I'm about to give you your big break. Can't think of a good niche topic that's not taken? Want to make a splash and gain instant notoriety? Need a good URL for your nascent blog?

Here is my suggestion for you, free of charge: The "Sex Tape Law Blog" ( is still available!)

Surely there is room in the blawgophere for a blog that breaks down the legal issues that surround the celebrity sex tape. Indeed, just this week, Jeremiah Reynolds, an associate at law firm Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert, wrote an article in the Huffington Post offering "A Guide to the Laws of Selling Celebrity Sex Tapes." 

Kendra Reynolds discusses a recently released sex tape featuring reality-TV star Kendra Wilkinson, who claims to be despondent over the matter. "It broke my heart because how can [someone] do that when I have a baby? It just sucks. It's the hardest thing to deal with right now," she says. Reynolds writes, however, that "Kendra had to consent to the release of the tape in order for a well-established company, like Vivid [Entertainment], to release it legally. California and most states have passed specific laws protecting a person's 'right of publicity,' meaning their right to control and license their image for commercial purposes."

Reynolds adds that if Kendra really did object to the release of the sex tape, she could have easily obtained an injunction preventing its release under either a right of publicity or a right of sexual privacy theory (by the way, Kendra has already reportedly received $680,000 from Vivid and will get up to 50 percent of profits from the tape in the future, Reynolds points out).

So to Jeremiah Reynolds or anyone else out there who wants to "own" the sex tape law field, I have just four words for you: Sex Tape Law Blog.

Posted by Bruce Carton on June 4, 2010 at 12:04 PM | Permalink | Comments (5)


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