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You Really CAN Buy Anything at Walmart

In today's installment of "Seriously?" I present the story of Patrick Fousek and Samantha Tomasini:


The two were arrested Wednesday in Salinas, Calif., for trying to sell their 6-month old baby outside a Walmart store. (If only they had made it inside the store, I'm sure they would have been prominently featured here.)

Fousek demanded the princely sum of $25 for the child. Which, I'm guessing, is about what an evening's worth of crystal meth goes for in Salinas. From the AP report:

Fousek and Tomasini were arrested at 1 a.m. Wednesday at their home. Officers said the couple appeared high on methamphetamine and the house was in disarray. A police report also claimed that Tomasini told Child Protective Services, who took the baby, that she had breast-fed the infant while under the influence, Villegas said.

The couple will be arraigned today. And I hope they enjoy their stay in prison.

Posted by Eric Lipman on June 25, 2010 at 01:37 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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