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Happy Bar Day, Lawyers!

Today, July 27, is, in many states, the first day of the bar exam. Everybody and their mother has written posts offering tips and advice to those taking the test (see, e.g., Above the Law, The Bar Professors, The Bar Exam Project (these guys are real serious; they even give advice on how and when to pee during the Bar)).

So I'm not gonna do that. I'm no expert, and if anyone taking the bar finds him or herself reading this blog on the way into the exam or during a lunch break, that person is probably pretty confident already. What I am going to do is to call upon all you lawyers to exercise your empathy muscles (assuming they haven't completely atrophied by this point):
  • If you're at a Wendy's tonight, and the woman in front of you seems to be taking forever to order, consider that she might just be involuntarily thinking about the appropriate parties to join in a lawsuit should she find a finger in her chili.
  • See a guy sitting on a park bench, tears slowly streaming down his cheeks? His girlfriend didn't dump him, he's just terrified he's going to fail. When you sit down next to him and clap him on the shoulder, don't share your thoughts on the cruel nature of the female heart. Tell him you're sure he'd make a HELUVA lawyer, no matter what the Board of Law Examiners says.
  • If you happen to be walking or driving past the Pasadena Convention Center or the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center (where yours truly took the exam many moons ago) around 3:30 this afternoon, give a reassuring smile and wave to the hordes of zombie-like wannabe attorneys shuffling down the street and/or vomiting in the bushes. Hell, swing by with a dozen donuts for the kids. You were once them.
Don't get me wrong, there's no shame in being damned glad you're not taking the test today and that chapter of your life is over. But have a little respect for the next generation.

Posted by Eric Lipman on July 27, 2010 at 09:06 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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