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Have Nasty Emails From Opposing Counsel Read to You While You Drive

Today at Lawyerist, Randall Ryder touts a smartphone application for all the "crackberry" (is there a similar nickname for iPhones?) addicts out there who don't want to run afoul of the no-texting-while-driving laws and/or meet their demise in a fiery crash.

The app is called, and while Ryder doesn't appear to have tested it out, yours truly has, coincidentally, experimented with the free trial version. It's not bad. The female voice is less irritating than that on most GPS devices. It's also fairly good at injecting realistic inflection and emphasis based on context. It even knows to read "FML" as "F my life," in case there are kiddies in the car with you.

While the trial version reads only the first 25 words of incoming texts or emails, that's usually enough to figure out whether you need to immediately pull over to deal with a client "emergency," or if it's something that your secretary can deflect. With regard to emails, the system doesn't deal real well with html; I didn't know what to make of some notifications that sounded like:

New email from marketing dot d e p t at Mirage dot com. Message: 34 slash slash equals nine six three greater than colon colon slash dot 45

But then again, the latest deals from Vegas casinos generally aren't slam-on-the-brakes worthy anyway.

If you've got a better "read me my messages" application suggestion, let us know in the comments. And drive safely this weekend.

Posted by Eric Lipman on July 16, 2010 at 02:26 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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