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Law Firm Cassels Brock Rolls Out Original, Engaging Student Site

Based on the hundreds of "bad news" articles and blog posts I've read over the past months about the state of the legal market for law students, I didn't realize that there were any entry-level attorney jobs out there. And I certainly didn't realize that in some places, at least, law firms are still pouring money into things like multimedia "student" sections of their websites to impress and attract students to join their firms.

Via the Precedent blog, I've been set straight on this point and came across the terrific student site put together by Toronto law firm Cassels Brock.  I've never even heard of this law firm but it has pulled out all the stops to create a student site that is engaging, interesting and even quite amusing. As described by Precedent, it "includes social media components, a student blog, videos, plenty of photos, events listings and, most notably, an interactive office tour set up like a game with 'secret' content hidden throughout."

Cassels Brock's Leigh-Ann McGowan, who is responsible for professional development and student programs, told Precedent that, "We weren't interested in emulating another law firm recruitment website. Young professionals are looking for a site that is different and creative -- a site that will give them insight as to what type of firm they are applying to. Cassels Brock is inherently a young, hip firm with a strong and solid client base from a variety of industries and we felt it was important that this is reflected in our site.”

Agreed! The site has a built-in YouTube channel that features slickly-produced videos of the firm's "articling class" of students -- check one of them out below. It also features a very cool interactive tour of the office that I also highly recommend based on originality alone. (Caution: I got stuck in the virtual elevator the first time I tried to take the interactive tour, but escaped by hitting refresh.)

Bottom line: Cassels Brock's student site is fantastic. Between it and the Paul Pearson video earlier this week, I'm starting to think that Canadian lawyers may be born with a natural talent for this social media stuff.

Posted by Bruce Carton on July 30, 2010 at 01:21 PM | Permalink | Comments (4)


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