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Pick-Up Line Crimes: A Pop Quiz

Night-At-The-Roxbury A quick pop quiz for the men before you all head out to the bars this weekend ... which of the following pick-up lines may land you in prison for rape if it results in you sleeping with a woman?

(a) "Hey, baby, I'm just back from the war. Want to go home with a guy who has a Purple Heart medal?"

(b) "Hey, mama, of course I'm Jewish and seeking a long-term relationship. Let's get out of this place."

(c) "Hey, cutie. Well of course the hair on my head is 100 percent real! Come on, I'll let you check it out for yourself."

Answer: (b). On Monday, Sabbar Kashur, an Arab resident of Jerusalem was convicted of "rape by deception" and sentenced to 18 months in prison. His offense? Kashur met a woman in downtown Jerusalem and "present[ed] himself as a Jewish bachelor looking for a serious romantic relationship." That was apparently all the woman need to hear, as "the couple then went to a nearby building and had sex." When the woman found Kashur was not a Jew but an Arab, she filed the complaint that resulted in his conviction this week.

Haaretz reports (via LegallyNoted) that the court found that although the sex was consensual, the consent itself was obtained through deception and under false pretenses. "If she hadn't thought the accused was a Jewish bachelor interested in a serious romantic relationship, she would not have cooperated," the judges wrote.

(For those of you who answered (a), check out the 'Stolen Valor Act' post from earlier today. That's protected speech!)

Posted by Bruce Carton on July 21, 2010 at 01:46 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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