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Trend Watch: Sex-by-Trick

On Wednesday, I wrote here about a Jerusalem man convicted this week on charges of "rape by deception" (or "sex-by-trick" as Above the Law put it) after falsely "presenting himself as a Jewish bachelor looking for a serious romantic relationship." That white lie was apparently all a Jerusalem woman needed to hear, and they "went to a nearby building and had sex." When the woman found Kashur was not a Jew but an Arab, she filed a complaint that resulted in his conviction.

I now see that compared to Hsu Shian-ming of Taiwan, the Jerusalem man was just a rank amateur in this sex-by-trick game that must now be added to the LBW Trend Watch.  In November 2009, Hsu was arrested (on fraud charges, not rape) following a scheme in which he allegedly persuaded up to 20 women to have sex with him. Hsu's scheme reportedly worked (and I do mean worked) as follows:

Hsu allegedly posted photos of a youthful male model online (see below), and claimed to be that person. The photos "attracted numerous calls from women interested in romantic liaisons," according to the China Post. Hsu then told the women over the telephone that he had a father whose medical condition ("prostate cancer") "required constant sex to stay alive," and he was able to sweet-talk them into "doing what was necessary to save him."


The Register reports that these women ("angels of mercy") administered "life-saving treatment" to Hsu in various Taipei hotels, and were "persuaded into unconventional sex acts varying from...." well -- you can go read it in the Register. Hsu now faces five years in jail on each of multiple fraud raps.

Posted by Bruce Carton on July 23, 2010 at 12:07 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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