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Wednesday's Three Burning Legal Questions

1) Question: We're not sure whether my fiancee's cousin, Ed, is going to come to our wedding this weekend. If he does, all hell will surely break loose as it always does when Ed is around -- people doing Statue of Liberty shots, multiple trips to the emergency room, photographer's camera thrown in the pool, etc. How can we mitigate the risk of Ed showing up?

Answer: Have you considered insurance from It offers brides and grooms "all-inclusive policies that can insure you in the event of cancellations, weather, disaster cakes, and if an overly drunken guest gets into an accident or a fight, in addition to the liability insurance that most venues will require you to purchase." It can can be purchased online 24 hours in advance of the event! (Wedsafe, via Consumerist)

Ymca 2) Question: We're finishing up the official change of our legal name from "YMCA" to simply, "the Y." Are there any final details we need to make sure we iron out?

Answer: Well, has anyone spoken to the Village People about this? Because they do not appear to be on board with this change. (The Associated Press, It'll Always be "YMCA" to Village People: Band Says Hit Song Won't Be Affected by YMCA's Name Change to "The Y")

3) Question: I just saw what appeared to be a forced march of about 400 geese out of Brooklyn's Prospect Park. Where are those geese going? Field trip?

Answer: You may have just witnessed part of "Sully's Revenge." Suffice it to say that in the name of improved aviation and passenger safety, those geese are not coming back. (The New York Times, 400 Park Geese Die, for Human Fliers’ Sake)

Posted by Bruce Carton on July 14, 2010 at 03:13 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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