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Green Party Candidate for Ill. Treasurer Wants to Shutter Law Schools

Closed We've reported in these "pages" before about the increasingly loud voices proclaiming that law school is a scam being perpetuated by the dissemination of inflated employment statistics, while encouraging potential students to stay away in droves. 

Well, someone is listening. Sort of. The ABA Journal, via the Daily Herald (apparently "Suburban Chicago's Information Source"), is reporting that Scott Summers, the Green Party candidate for Illinois state treasurer, proposes eliminating two of the state's three public law schools in order to save some cash.

Summers would board up the windows at the law schools of both Northern Illinois and Southern Illinois Universities. Did we mention Summers graduated from NIU Law? His reasoning should bring joy to the hearts of the "scammers":

"We have three public law schools," Summers said Monday. "And another seven or eight private law schools and a whole bunch of unemployed lawyers and underemployed lawyers. How long can we as taxpayers continue to support this?"

How does he square his platform with the fact that it would do away with his alma mater? Well, he is "counting beans today, not wallowing in sentiment." Bravo, Scott.

Closing down NIU and SIU would leave the University of Illinois as the only public law school in the state.

How did SIU respond to the knowledge that, should the Greens prove victorious in November [insert chuckle/snicker here], its law school might be a thing of the past? Its spokesman said that eliminating a law school would result in "a lot of other students applying to the U of I," which could be problematic. Yeah. Law schools hate that.

Posted by Eric Lipman on August 12, 2010 at 10:38 AM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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