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Judge Shows Burglar Some Georgia Justice

Yesterday, the WSJ Law Blog linked out to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article about the state of Georgia's seemingly league-leading run of recent scandalous behavior on the part of its jurists. The article references, among others, the judge caught having sex with a public defender in a parked car, and the one who "inappropriately touched a prosecutor and investigator after they sat in his lap posing for a photo."

Georgia needed some good news about its judges. So this morning, we bring you Judge Carlisle Overstreet. Last Friday at around 4 a.m., Judge Overstreet shot and killed an unarmed burglar in his home. The dead burglar, John Howard Jr. (ironically nicknamed "Killa," according to the Augusta Chronicle), was one of two men who broke into the judge's house in the wee hours. The other, William Omar Jacobs, turned himself in and was denied bond.

Richmond County Sheriff Ronnie Strength (competition for yesterday's judge named Lex) said that Overstreet did exactly the right thing:

"If somebody breaks into your home, we expect and hope that what Judge Overstreet did this morning would be done by any other citizen."

The sheriff said he has known Overstreet for about 45 years and called him a "good marksman."

In another article from the Chronicle, an attorney and president of the judge's neighborhood association, Joe Neal, echoed the Sheriff's sentiments with enthusiasm:

"I can tell you right now if someone walks inside my house, I'm going to blow their head off," Neal said. "If someone is in the house, he is asking to get shot and the law gives them every right to pull the trigger."

That article also includes a helpful breakdown of Georgia gun laws, and those of neighboring South Carolina.

Posted by Eric Lipman on August 24, 2010 at 11:19 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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