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Miami Drug Court Judge in Minivan Nabs Skating Camera Thief

Thief One of the things I love about this gig here at LBW is that it gives me an excuse to read some fairly obscure legal blogs. For instance, I can't imagine why else I might find myself randomly checking out the Justice Building Blog, which is dedicated to the goings on in and around the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building in Miami.

Had I not clicked on the link for the Justice Building Blog, I would never have found this post, about Miami Drug Court Judge Deborah White-Labora's role in pursuing, and ultimately apprehending, a guy on Rollerblades who had just stolen a camera from a Miami Herald photographer as he prepared to take some pictures of a taco truck. (Not just any taco truck, but the Taqueria Mexicana Orale truck, winner of the Miami New Times' Best Taco 2008 award.)

Judge White-Labora (not pictured, left) was flagged down by the taco truck proprietor and, at his urging, chased down the blader, until her teenage sun could hop out of the family minivan and pounce on him "like a cobra." At which point, the kid, the robber and the taco guy scuffled. Then, the gentleman in whose yard this melee was taking place brought things to a halt by whipping out his handgun and holding everyone there until cops arrived.

Though the photog's camera was damaged, he got the ultimate revenge: a picture of the perp being shoved into the back seat of a police car, published in the Herald along with a story about the whole bizarre incident.

Posted by Eric Lipman on August 12, 2010 at 01:17 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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