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Property Law Made Easy: The 'Conveyance Interpreter'

Property Law was just about the death of me in law school. Crazy people bequeathing "Blackacre to my third cousin for life, then to my cat for 20 years, then to my ex-wife for eternity so long as she never stops practicing law." These bequeaths get complicated and you ultimately need to map them out to figure out who gets what, for how long, and when.

But not any more! Via the PrawgsBlog I learned about the "Conveyance Interpreter" by law professor Shawn Bayern of Florida State University. It comes about 20 years too late to be of much help to me, but surely there is someone out there who could use some artificial intelligence on his or her side to make sense of conveyances such as "To Boalt Hall for 10 years, then to the Earl of Arundel and the heirs of his body, then to Duke of Norfolk and his heirs."


Let me try out one of my own creation on the Conveyance Interpreter: "To Eric Lipman, but if he gets anymore traffic tickets, then to Scott Greenfield for life, but if Greenfield becomes a social media consultant, then to my dog Cooley." As you can see, Cooley has an "executory interest in fee simple absolute." Lucky dog!


Posted by Bruce Carton on August 31, 2010 at 12:06 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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