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TechnoEsq. Reviews the 'iJuror' iPad App for Jury Selection

Via the TechnoEsq. blog comes this review of a new iPad app called "iJuror." iJuror is a graphical app by a company called Front9Technologies that is designed to help lawyers with the task of selecting a jury.

TechnoEsq. reports that the app works as follows:

  • The attorney selects the layout of the jury pool by specifying the number of potential jurors in columns and rows.
  • From that layout, the lawyer can select a potential juror and enter basic data such as name, employer, hometown and notes.
  • TechnoEsq. says that "where iJuror really shines is in quickly entering other data. At the top of the screen is an area which makes a dropdown scroll-wheel style menu allowing for quick input of age, sex, race, marital status, children, education, whether police are in the family, prior arrests, whether the potential juror was a potential victim and past jury experience."
  • The app also assists lawyers in the decisions on whether to utilize peremptory or "for cause" strikes on each juror, and in tracking what opposing counsel has chosen.

TechnoEsq. concludes that the app does a nice job of helping lawyers collect and organize a great deal of information in the jury selection process, and "allows an attorney to use the iPad on a lectern simply using their finger to enter juror data while maintaining a conversational atmosphere while talking with the jury pool."

The price for all of this? $9.99.

Posted by Bruce Carton on August 6, 2010 at 01:35 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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