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Cadwalader Launches International Law Page

CWT Ah, the press release letting you know about a law firm's latest attempt to distinguish itself and avoid a reputation as TTT.

Yesterday, Cadwalader, deeming itself "one of the world's most prominent law firms" (with bedbugs), announced the launch of its "on-line International Law and Litigation Center." According to the press release, the site "offers a variety of in-depth information through a regularly updated eBook, a practitioner's Blog, current news in law and practice and unique insight from the vantage of highly accomplished specialists actively participating in the development of law and policy in the field."

Sweet. Let's go check it out.

The "eBook" reads more like a law school outline. Which is not to say that there's not valuable information in it. Just to say my initial suspicion that Cadwalader probably got most of the product out of its summer associates was confirmed.

The "OneWorld" blog (no relation to the international airline alliance of the same name) appears to have been up and running since July, and includes posts about recent cases and other developments with international flavor. Pretty well-written posts that seem to succinctly capture the salient points and include links to the underlying materials.

And that will do it for the content of the site on its second day in existence. A little early to judge this latest gambit, but at least the firm succeeded in getting me to write about it.

Posted by Eric Lipman on September 21, 2010 at 10:15 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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