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'Death Ray' Threat No Longer Limited to Fans of Sci Fi

Speaking of Vegas hotel pools that are too hot for some tastes, it appears as though one of Sin City's newest properties may be burning some of its guests worse than that dealer who always manages to pull a six-card 21.

Gawker has a post on the new Vdara hotel, one of few properties on the strip that does not house a casino. What it does have are architectural features and building materials that project on poolside loungers a swath of concentrated sunlight strong enough to singe hair and melt plastic bags. So says Chicago personal injury lawyer Bill Pintas, who was unfortunate enough to be struck by the "death ray" while chilling by the Vdara pool recently.

While Pintas himself has disclaimed any intention to sue, he was quick to opine that the owners of Vdara would most certainly be liable if anyone is injured by the searing rays, based on evidence that the potential for the "solar convergence" was identified during construction. The hotel's owners have vowed to find a solution for the problem right quick, but in the meantime, a spokesman for Vdara owner MGM Resorts is happy to call the potential for serious bodily harm "an interesting story."

Posted by Eric Lipman on September 29, 2010 at 01:23 PM | Permalink | Comments (3)


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