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Facebook Sued Again; Class Action Claims Use of Kids' Names and Pics Violates Calif. Law

All the cool kids are suing Facebook for something or other. We are, by now, all familiar with the lawsuit in which some guy claims to be the 84 percent owner of the company (thanks to Above the Law for the latest update on that suit).

This morning, the National Law Journal is reporting on a class action filed in California, claiming that Facebook is using names and images of minors for advertising purposes without getting parents' permission as required under California law.

From the article:

"Facebook is able to use very compelling ads that are very specifically targeted at individuals because it is known that their friend's endorsement will have a major impact," said [attorney Anthony] Stuart, who represents two 14-year-old Facebook users, David Cohen and Shelby Orland, named plaintiffs in the suit. "So if little Bobby, who's 14 years old, says that he likes a particular video game, that may be a very compelling endorsement for one of his friends or all of his friends on Facebook."

What? Video games aren't for kids anymore, Mr. Stuart.

Facebook says it did nothing wrong. Shocker.

If there is not a fan page for "Suing Facebook" yet, I might have to start one.






Posted by Eric Lipman on September 1, 2010 at 11:15 AM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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