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Florida Lawyer Wants to Teach You How to Benefit From Bank Fraud

Opp Recent admissions by big-time mortgage lender GMAC that its personnel had filed false affidavits in foreclosure cases have been much in the news lately, and have spurred investigations by the attorneys general of several states.

The admissions have also resulted in some opportunity for increased business for attorneys like Roy Oppenheim, who runs what he calls one of the leading Florida foreclosure defense firms. (The firm does have 468 friends on Facebook, so that's something.)

Oppenheim, overseer of the South Florida Law Blog, put out a press release yesterday, advertising a webcast seminar next week on "How Underwater Homeowners Can Use Bank Fraud Crisis to Their Advantage." Now, to be fair, as shady as that sounds, some of the topics Oppenheim claims will be covered seem to be legit. For example, the presentation will address the rights of those homeowners who were foreclosed on based upon forged or otherwise improper documents, and how to structure and propose a bailout.

But soliciting clients by inviting them to take advantage of bank fraud? There had to be a better way to phrase that.


Posted by Eric Lipman on September 29, 2010 at 11:08 AM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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