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Lawsuit of the Day: Man With Throat Cancer Tackled as Suspected Bank Robber

William Brown, of Jefferson County, Ky., might want to stick to paying his taxes by mail from now on. Brown, according to Courthouse News Service, filed suit on Friday against Fifth Third Bank after an incident occurring last year.

Brown's complaint recites that he went to a Louisville branch of the bank on Nov. 11, 2009, to pay his property taxes, after seeing ads indicating such payments would be accepted there. Nov. 11 is Veterans Day, and the bank was closed. Well, sort of closed. The doors were unlocked, and Brown walked in, which apparently triggered a silent alarm.

Brown has no larynx, it having been removed as treatment for cancer. And, according to the suit, responding police believed the mechanical larynx that Brown uses to speak was a weapon. So, naturally, as he was walking around trying to figure out where everybody was, cops tackled him.

Brown's suit seeks damages for mental anguish, and also seeks to compel the bank to turn over the surveillance video of the event, and to name the employees who goofed and left the door unlocked on a bank holiday.

Posted by Eric Lipman on September 28, 2010 at 12:09 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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