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Lawyers Ain't Scared of No Bedbugs!

Bug Well, at least those in the private sector. While the Brooklyn DA's office is all up in arms about the bedbug infestation in its building, some New Yorkers -- including an attorney -- are putting on brave faces and getting out there on the front lines.

You know, buying old crap. From the New York Times (via the ABA Journal), comes a story about what effect the citywide bedbug invasion is having on the bottom line at vintage clothing stores and thrift shops. While some shoppers interviewed for the story expressed hesitation at buying clothing and furniture of questionable provenance, a lawyer named Lisa Slocum bit the bullet and shelled out $33 for a ("This is beautiful, what is that") velvet coat.

Demonstrating that lawyers are either incredibly courageous or a little dense, Slocum did this despite having "lived through bedbugs a couple of years ago." Her bedbug experience threw a little fright into her, but she powered through it, as she might have through a particularly lengthy and repetitive privilege log:

The infestation was enough for her to stop making the rounds of vintage shops “for a while,” even though she had no evidence they came from the stores she had frequented. “I’m a hard person to stop from secondhand shopping,” she said as she left the City Opera shop on East 23rd Street.

Good on you, Lisa! I was prepared to include a lengthy lament about the state of our profession when lawyers can't afford new outerwear and, instead, are forced to rely on threadbare secondhand goods to survive the city's cold and cruel winters. But the Journal helpfully pointed me to Slocum's LinkedIn profile, from which it appears that she's one of those "artsy" types. All her legal jobs are listed as "past," and there are links to her home accessories website and the like. So I'm guessing she wears used clothing by choice.

Enjoy your velvet, Lisa. If you ever want to get back to practicing, I think there's a niche for you.

Posted by Eric Lipman on September 3, 2010 at 11:17 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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