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Who Needs a Vice Squad? Now Prostitution Becomes Legal in Canada

Crazy times in the vice world, huh?

Fatty-34398 To sum up recent events, you may soon be able to light up a fatty in California, as the state appears poised to legalize marijuana in a vote scheduled for November. In addition, reports coming out of Canada indicate that yesterday, a Toronto judge struck down the country's prostitution laws altogether, finding that the laws were actually endangering sex workers’ lives.

According to the Toronto Star, "if Justice Susan Himel’s decision stands, prostitutes will be able to communicate freely with customers on the street, conduct business in their homes or brothels and hire bodyguards and accountants without exposing them to the risk of criminal sanctions." The ruling has been suspended for 30 days to give the government time to deal with consequences such as unlicensed brothels.

Bedford Terri-Jean Bedford, the woman who challenged the prostitution law, is a "dominatrix who was convicted in 1998 of keeping a common bawdy house." She described the ruling as “emancipation day.”

Asked how she was going to celebrate, Bedford most definitely did not respond that she was "going to Disney World!" Rather, she said while cracking a riding whip, "I’m going to spank some ass.”

Having already invoked Night Shift's Billy Blaze once this month, I think it is appropriate for him to have the last word on the prostitution issue:

Posted by Bruce Carton on September 30, 2010 at 12:20 PM | Permalink | Comments (4)


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