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'27 Precautions Before Risking Sex With a Woman'

Checklist Building on a list of tongue-in-cheek precautions that have apparently been making the rounds on Brazilian blogs, the Human Stupidity blog offers a 27-point legal checklist for "any man who dares to have sex with a woman." 

Human Stupidity (which appears to be generally dedicated to proving, often in extreme fashion, the notion that "people who normally are highly intelligent ... become totally irrational, unconscious, self-deceived on issues related to dogmas, taboos, religion, habits, political correctness") writes that while the precautions tracking Brazilan law are a start, the list is incomplete.

Among the 27 points on HS's "pre-sex" list that purports to help men manage their risk under additional laws in the U.S., Australia, the U.K., Holland and elsewhere around the globe are the following:

(3) Check ID of your prospective partner for age: Make sure your partner is above age of consent. It does not matter if your prospective partner looks like 70 years old, s/he could suffer from Progeria, which makes 7 year olds look like 70....

(5) Make sure the ID does not belong to someone else: The ID could be authentic. But it could belong to another person. So check the photo, compare it to the person. If there is a signature, have the person sign a piece of paper. Get a graphotechnical (handwriting expert) analysis to assure the signature in the ID matches the signature in the ID....

(27) Make sure you don’t give any presents or money, to avoid prostitution charges.

HS concludes that "these 27 steps can greatly increase your chances to stay out of the sex offender register, but there always remains a substantial risk. A careful attorney will tell you to avoid sex completely." Read the full 27-point checklist here.


Posted by Bruce Carton on October 12, 2010 at 12:43 PM | Permalink | Comments (5)


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