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Animated Video Trend Taken to the Next Hilarious Step: Plea Negotiations

As with the Hitler video meme, I am, embarrassingly, behind the times regarding the animated videos any old schlub can make using xtranormal. Witness my post last week re: "So You Want to Go to Law School."

But I'm trying to catch up. And thanks to D.A. Confidential, I'm now in the loop on the latest, funniest adaptation of the technology. Here's Confidential's take on a plea negotiation between a defense liar lawyer and a prosecutor. It's pretty sweet:


And though the video went up only on Saturday, the criminal defense bloggers are already buzzing. Mark Bennett thinks defense lawyers like the one in the video are the reason he can charge such high rates. And Scott Greenfield expanded on Bennett's theme, noting that coming into a case after some other hack has already fouled things up with the prosecutor requires some janitorial skills:

Trying to explain the problem to potential clients who seek representation after their first shot didn't pan out as well as they hoped, I often use the analogy of the lawyer as gunslinger, a Paladin, who brandishes a six-shooter.  I explain that their choice of going cheap cost me a few of my bullets, and they are leaving me with only a few chances to do my work.  It's an imperfect analogy in many ways, but it usually gets the point across. 

Once defense counsel goes off half-cocked to the prosecutor, the die is cast.  Indeed, to the extent there was any doubt of the defendant's guilt before, the prosecutor is now certain that he's got the right person because the defense lawyer's act of desperation confirmed it.  But you're not guilty?  Try undoing that certainty in the prosecutor's head.

If you are aware of other good legal-themed xtranormal animations, feel free to throw some links in the comments. We allow that over here.

Posted by Eric Lipman on October 25, 2010 at 01:15 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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