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The Gap Seeks to Shut Down 'Gapnote'

Please take a look at the logo below for a new social media company called Gapnote:

Before we go any further with this post, can you think of any reason why the company should not be permitted to use the name "Gapnote" or the logo above? [waiting....waiting...] Well?

If you answered no, then you may be interested in joining the "Don't let The Gap force "Gapnote" to change it its name" group on Facebook. Conversely, if you are now confused as to why the company that makes your blue jeans is now a social media company, then the lawyers from The Gap would probably like to invite you to be on a jury in the near future.

LegalPad reports that has yet to launch, and The Gap is trying to keep it that way. On September 27, The Gap filed a trademark infringement suit seeking an injunction against Gapnote. The Gap claims that (a) the name Gapnote violates The Gap's trademark, and (b) the font used (see above) is "identical – or at a minimum, confusingly similar." [For what it's worth, Judge Carton does take judicial notice of the fact that the font above does look a good bit like the font used in the old-school Gap logo (here)]. Gapnote's Greg Murphy says he has already agreed to change his site’s logo until The Gap is satisfied, and that he has no intention of trademarking “gapnote” in the U.S.

Murphy is also reaching out to The Gap in the hopes of "opening up a dialogue." Here is his plea, via Facebook:

Posted by Bruce Carton on October 4, 2010 at 12:34 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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