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Polar Bears Treated Better in Denmark Than in D.C.

Why you gotta hate on the polar bears, Capitol Police?

That question is being asked -- in the form of a lawsuit, natch -- by a bunch of people who dressed up as said bears and put on a little show outside the Longworth House Office Building back in 2007. Lowering the Bar has the story (from Courthouse News Service). The bear-costumed protesters were attempting to draw attention to the impact on global warming of the war in Iraq. And they allege that they were singled out by police for arrest to the exclusion of non-bear-suit-clad attendees who were, unlike the bears, actually being disruptive and blocking sidewalks.

Here's a copy of the complaint. If the Minneapolis zombies can get a settlement, I'm thinking the polar bears have a pretty good shot as well.

At Lowering the Bar, Kevin notes that Danish police were much more courteous toward bear protesters at the UN Climate Change conference last year. Then again, some of those people were probably just wearing the costumes to keep warm.

Posted by Eric Lipman on October 25, 2010 at 12:40 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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