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2L Calls on Congress to Deal With Impending 'Personal Drone' Menace

Pervy neighbors all across the country might well have University of North Carolina 2L Ashley Dean in their crosshairs today. Yesterday, on the blog of the school's Journal of Law and Technology, Dean warned of the coming plague of drones operated by private citizens, and suggested that lawmakers might want to get out in front of the technology by coming up with some preemptive regulations to protect the privacy of all Americans.

No, seriously.

Currently, the Federal Aviation Administration only allows the government to use drones domestically.  However, new standards might allow broader use of the technology in the near future.  In fact, as of now there are no current rules regarding recreational use of drones, as long as they do not impact air safety.

Picture it. My drone flying over your yard while yours is banking hard right trying to get a glimpse into the bedroom window of the young lovers who just moved in across the street. Chaos!

Dean thinks now -- before personal drones are widely available -- is the time to start tackling the issue.

It is clear that there are numerous legal implications surrounding the use of drones for recreational purposes.  Despite the fact that the technology is still evolving and likely will not be widely available to the public for several years, lawmakers should consider preemptively crafting laws that deal with some of the problems that can currently be identified, thereby circumventing future legal problems before they develop.

Ashley, you may want to tin foil up your windows, because your plea may have come too late. The drones are here. Try to enjoy your weekend anyway.

Posted by Eric Lipman on November 12, 2010 at 01:29 PM | Permalink | Comments (3)


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