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More on TSA Screening and 'Opt-Out Day'

As Bruce noted last week, the TSA's new and "improved" -- if you are into strangers groping you -- screening procedures have been getting tons of exposure all over the internets. And, as someone who intends to travel by air over the Thanksgiving holiday, I've been reading a lot of it.

Without injecting too much of my personal view, I thought I'd share some of the recent news and commentary that struck a chord with me. Here are some highlights:

  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discloses that she would not want to be fondled by TSA agents. Good thing she gets to fly private.
  • Kent Scheidegger at Crime & Consequences calls the Opt-Out Day campaign "beyond despicable" and "a cruel and heartless act of vandalism that will seriously hurt other passengers, not the people at whom it is supposedly directed." Eugene Volokh agrees it's a bad idea, but goes easier on the venom.
  • TSA agent "pats down" a 3-year-old girl who just happens to be the daughter of a news anchor.
  • Nevertheless, TSA chief John Pistole goes on CNN yesterday morning and says the patdowns are here to stay. At least for a few hours.
  • And, finally, some foreign perspective on the controversy.


Posted by Eric Lipman on November 22, 2010 at 11:10 AM | Permalink | Comments (3)


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